An Incomplete List of Things That Are Making Me Angry Today

1. The idea that there is somehow no good music being made today.

There is. You are just too busy fawning over Biggie to find it.

2. I don’t have any ice cream.

I don’t have any ice cream.

3. Debates over what’s godly and what’s not.

Unless I am your accountability partner, let’s not argue about what God does or does not want us to do. You do what you think is godly and I’ll do what I think is godly, and we can be happy.

4. My thirst for drama.

I desperately crave villains in my life narrative. There are no villains. Just a bunch of people trying to figure out how to live the good life.

5. The American dream.

I am teaching 9th graders this summer. And I love every minute of it. But over the past couple of weeks, I’ve started to develop this fear. What am I educating these students for? So they can be successful in a dream that should have never been a dream in the first place? If all of these students become lawyers, will they be happier than their non-lawyer peers? Will they be more content? Will they be closer to God?

6. Every last thing that has distorted my view of life, love and happiness.

Between John Cusack movies and 50 Shades of Gray and rap music and pop music and Nicholas Sparks novels and Facebook status updates I don’t know what I’m supposed to want.

7. The idea that life is about me and my enjoyment.

How many hours have I spent “blowing off steam” or “taking a break?” These ideas are lies. We need breaks, but we don’t need those breaks to be watching three hours of Youtube videos.

8. I don’t get to visit my friend in New York this summer.

I miss him.

4 Things That Make Babies Awesome

I think all babies are basically this awesome.

I got to hang out with my cousin, her husband, and their beautiful baby today. Babies are pretty awesome. Here are some reasons I think babies are awesome.

1. You can’t be unhappy when a baby is in the room. The only time anyone frowns around a baby is when the frowner is making faces at the baby.

2. You can buy gifts for babies for their next stage of life. It is common practice to buy babies spring clothes for Christmas and to buy them a couple of sizes larger. Because you know that the baby is going to grow. It would be kind of weird for my parents to give me a gift for my next life stage. A gift certificate to a wedding caterer isn’t really the same as a 12-month-old one-piece.

3. Babies have no concept of risk. All they know is that they want to put that knife in their mouths. And they will. And then they will cry after they hurt themselves with it. And then they will take a nap.

4. Babies take criticism and never get stressed out about people pressuring them. Have you ever seen a baby melt down because her parents were pressuring her to say “mama?” No. You haven’t. Babies know that they want to walk and talk. They are all about it. And because they know they want to do these things, when the people that love them try to force them to stand or say a couple of syllables, they don’t make a scene. If they aren’t ready, they just chortle. And if they are ready, then they walk or talk and then chortle.