Here’s some of my writing:

I wrote an article for Health Communication about what it was like to rejoin society after my traumatic brain injury: “Interruption, Standardization, and Recognition after a Traumatic Brain Injury.”

I wrote an article investigating how educators might use narrative sharing to provide a solution to bias for the Philosophy of Education Society.

I wrote an article about AnaLouise Keating’s pedagogical work for Philosophical Studies in Education, 2019: “Inviting a Change to the Status Quo: Using Keating’s Pedagogies of Invitation”

I wrote a letter to the editor that appeared in the 38(14) issue of Education Week: “We Need More than Just Data on Guns”

I co-authored the “Political Representation & School Funding” page on the Educational Inequity in Franklin County report website. (I also am responsible for being able to click on footnotes and page jumps throughout the website).

I wrote a narrative that is published in Health Communication about my recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury. For a limited time readers can get full access to how it will appear in the journal here. Beyond Adjustment – Spencer J Smith

I published a study I did about digital media and assessment in a first-year composition classroom in PraxisWiki’s 22.1 edition.

My graduate thesis: “To Build Maps of Writing and Critical Consciousness: Transfer in Writing Studies & Critical Pedagogies”

I’ve contributed to the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

My undergraduate thesis: “Male Narrative Identity in Young Adult Literature

I wrote a weekly column called “Pop diSpencer” for The Post, Ohio University’s student run newspaper, for a while. Find columns here. I also wrote several op-eds. Find them here.

I blogged as a part of Teach For America here.

I studied abroad in Italy in 2010 and blogged about it for Ohio University here.

I’ve guest-blogged for The Millstone Blog.

“Why Conscious Rap is a Farce” on Thought Catalog.

I contributed this to Buzzfeed.