Everything’s On The Table

I’m starting a new tradition. It’s called Everything’s On The Table. Basically, it is me putting everything on the table. I want to seriously look at the habits I have, the decisions I’m making, and the places I’m going. I’m going to be exploring stuff individually, but I thought it would be fun to open it to the public for this reason: you can help me.

My friends are experts in things I am not an expert in. For this reason, friends can add to my knowledge. So, in the comments below provide your most helpful “life hack.” What do you do really well that would add substance to my life? Are you a healthy cook? Are you all about working out? Do you have impeccable time management? Then I want to hear from you.

Here are the things that I’m looking into as of right now so any wisdom you could pour into these things would be greatly appreciated:

  • time management
  • cooking
  • being healthy
  • being present
  • being more thoughtful and loving
  • staying positive

Cool. So Everything’s On The Table lasts through December 31st so we’ve got six weeks to explore some of these topics. I will share what I’m learning. In the comments below, feel free to post resources/help/things you want to be on the table.