Student Comments

Here are comments students made about my class in their end-of-semester evaluations.

Fall 2019 at The Ohio State University

“Spencer Smith was a great educator who genuinely cared for the class materials and for his students, I couldn’t have asked for a better professor for Ethics of Education.”

“This class was amazing. We had so many relevant conversations about real situations. We were really able to explore different ethical situations and open each other’s eyes with regards to how different cultures may be affected by different scenarios”

Spring 2019 at The Ohio State University

“Spencer is a great teacher! He was very interested in the topic he was teaching and it was obvious.”

“Spencer is a great teacher. We had great class discussions and the material was always topical and fun to learn. I think Spencer is an awesome teacher and this course is very essential to my career as a teacher.”

“He cared about his topic and gave each student a chance.”

“Overall, I really enjoyed this class and I think Spencer is a great, thought provoking professor!”

“Spencer is a very intellectual person and he deeply cares about the subject matter. It really shines through in his instruction, and I found this class enjoyable.”

“I really appreciated the flexible deadlines and the opportunity for feedback.”

“The instructor was really good and flexible which created a good learning atmosphere in the classroom.”

“Not having hard due dates was a huge help, it made submitting the project much less stressful.”

“I really enjoyed this class. Spencer knows a lot about ethics and loves to let us as his students state our stance on the ethical question. He is also very good at letting us redo assignments in order to get the best possible grade.”

“Spencer was a great professor. He took his time and was very concerned about us really understanding the content as it was a bit confusing in itself.”

Fall 2018 at The Ohio State University

“Spencer Smith was very professional and very helpful! He was relatable to the students and to the material”

“Hands down the best instructor I had this semester. He was approachable and was always prepared to help. I would recommend him to any of my friends without hesitation.”

“Spencer was one of the best teachers I had this semester. He genuinely cared about the students and brought up great questions in class that helped not only me, but my peers, in thinking ethically in regards to the teaching profession.”

“Spencer was the best teacher I had this semester. He taught my class with a personal touch and was willing to bend and mold his lesson plans to what we needed that day. He gave us in–class work time, which is unheard of in college but very helpful, and he made me feel incredibly seen and heard. This class relied heavily on discussion, which I do not normally like, but Spencer made me feel comfortable enough that I still did well in this class”

“SPENCER SMITH IS GREAT!!! I thoroughly enjoyed going to class each time. The class seemed very conversation based and our opinions mattered. Community building was natural as the environment made it easy to befriend classmates. I have a friend taking this class next semester with Spencer and I am so excited for her. 10/10 experience!”

“Overall, Spencer was a wonderful instructor with a contagious excitement about education. He encouraged us to think for ourselves and to think critically. He challenged us to view situations differently and to share our thoughts, stimulating conversation and growth. He genuinely cared about each and every one of us and made an effort to check in and ensure that we were okay. He did his best to accommodate our schedules and make this class one of learning, rather than required assignments. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has truly been one of my favorite classes”

“I really love this class because the instructor taught us well. I also love the discussion part of this class because we learned a lot about others’ perspectives of the sections.”

“This class was awesome! It produces true opinions and emotions about the way that we react in the realm of education. Actions previously motivated by values or familiarity are checked hard and fast through discussions, reflections and writing assignments….I do not think there is an assigned or discussion that I did not enjoy on some level in this class.”

“My favorite class this semester, really encouraged me to speak up in class, which is abnormal for me.”

“Overall, I really enjoyed the class and thought it was well organized and the assignments helped me to think critically about ethical situations in the education community and better helped me in my teaching career.”

“I appreciate the welcoming classroom atmosphere and it seems that you are very considerate of every student. Really loved this course!”

Spring 2017 at Ohio University

“Effective in relating material to students”

“Gave positive feedback and gave engaging lectures”

“He gave good feedback on work.”

“Instructor was very understanding and reasonable.”

“The instructor did things that were effective such as watching videos that went with the course material. It gave a better understanding of what we were learning in the class….”

“What he did the most that was effective was put our readings into the classroom. He would always have us discuss so people could see everyones point of view.”

Fall 2016 at Ohio University

“He is very helpful in and outside of class.”

“He was most effective I think with our online quizzes and in class discussions….”

“His explanations were always helpful”

“Spencer had us analyze and write about topics that interested us which made the class a lot more enjoyable. Topics were open to our creativity, but the assignments were structured to where we would still be learning and the required material.”

“The instructor was very helpful and provided ample feedback on how to improve on assignments and essay writing skills.”

“very helpful and obviously wanted to help the students”

“Being able to show us how to use new writing tools by giving us some examples in class really helped me. I did like the badge system felt like Christmas when I would receive one. I don’t think you need to improve on anything, but you do need to have more confidence in yourself, we all make mistakes. Overall amazing teacher”

“Giving time in class to speak with him about the chosen materials for long assignments was very helpful. I enjoyed being able to have help with using the online databases to find research and then being able to present my chosen idea in relation to that research. Active in class feedback in this area was very helpful to my writing.”

“He taught really well and made office hours readily available for everyone.”

“He was able to give constructive feedback on different papers.”

“He was always helpful in and outside of the classroom”

“I felt that I had some creative freedom in this course. ”

“I really like how passionate he is about his class and the success of his students. I like that he uses badges to determine final grades because then you have something to work towards. ”

“the professor was most effective with involving the class and allowing us to learn from each other in group participation”

“My instructor, Spencer Smith, did a fantastic job of communicating what needed to be completed, how to complete it, what was expected of us, and how it would be graded. Overall, I am incredibly happy that I had his class at the beginning of my college career because the skills and knowledge I gained by taking his class will be immensely helpful for the rest of my academic journey. The one critique I would have for Instructor Smith is that at times he is to generous with lazy and/or underperforming students. I worked hard to ensure I would get an A in his class, while some turned in assignments late or turned in incomplete work and they didn’t seem to get any punishment for this laziness.”

Spring 2016 at Ohio University

“He really helped me become a better writer and he knew what he was teaching.”

“He went over what we had to read for that class, so it was easier to understand.”

“The instructor never failed to give great useful feedback. He was always finding something that we can improve on and showed real interest in our work”

“The instructor really made sure we understood the subject matter of the paper before we wrote it and if we felt like we had a problem or concern in writing the paper the instructor helped make things clear. ”

“The instructor was very passionate and interested in what he was teaching, which was showed during his lectures…”

“gave clear explanations and examples”

“he gave us 50% and 80% drafts before the final paper was due which was helpful.”

Fall 2015 at Ohio University

“His office hours were very helpful. I visited multiple times for extra help outside class; spencer was great with advice and spent the time really helping me understand the content”

“Instructor was very helpful and gave great feedback. I liked how he set the papers up in steps having us turn in an intro, 50%, 80% and then final along with a peer review. It really helped me to improve my paper along the way. ”

“Professor Smith was very engaged when talking which kept me attentive and interested in what he was lecturing.”

“The instructor was really nice and was really good at keeping the class under control. He always talked about the readings from the night before and was always available for questions on assignments.”

“he utilized the time of the class and had a good idea of what he was talking about”

“spencer did a really good job of making himself available to his students if they needed help. there were multiple times where i stayed after class to ask him a question and he was always willing to give me the help i needed….”