Challenge Saturday #2

I watched a lot of people get gifts today. The gifts were given anonymously. And the people who received them liked getting the gifts, but watching them open them was sad. They weren’t appreciative on the whole. Then I realized I didn’t really blame them. It’s hard to get excited about a gift without having the connection from the giver. It’s a bastardization of the reason for a gift. We give gifts because we care about people. A good gift should leave the giver vulnerable and should bare a bit of the giver’s soul.

I challenge you to give a gift like that.

Inaugural Challenge Saturday!

You know that feeling you get when someone tells you that you have a talent that you didn’t think of yourself as having? It’s a good feeling.

When someone tells you that you are wanted or important or needed, it changes everything.

Today I am starting a monthly series. We shall call it Challenge Saturday.

Challenge: Tell someone why s/he is important, wanted, or needed.

Post your completed challenge story in the comments!