Daily Roundup Thursday 8/1/2013

Some things that happened today in education and in Detroit:

On Thursday, Congress decided to go back on doubling of interest rates on student loans.

Governor Rick Snyder announced a new detention center in Detroit.

Sandra Stotsky, who was in charge of the development of the highly-praised MA standards, writes about her opposition to the Common Core. She writes:

Common Core was/is not about high-quality national education standards. It was/is not about getting low-income, high-achieving students into advanced math and science courses in high school and then into college. CCSSI was and is about how to lower the academic level of what states require for high school diplomas and for admission to public colleges.

Tony Bennett, edreform wonder boy, resigned from his position as Education Commissioner of Florida after speculation surfaced that he fixed test scores of a charter school. Bennett, however, denies the charges.

The folks at Education Next take a look at the second Race to the Top competition recently announced by the US Department of Education.

Edit: Previously I said Rick Scott instead of Rick Snyder. Too many Republican Ricks making the news.

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