Thesis Fest #5

Guys! I think the first chapter is basically done!

I spent some time tonight defending the books I have chosen to analyze. Once I got into it, it wasn’t that hard. Apparently, there was quite a hubbub in the literary world when Life of Pi came out because no one knew how to market it. It wasn’t traditional YA fare, but young readers loved it, so a lot of smart people commented on it.

The Outsiders, of course, is the ultimate YA novel. No problems there.

The Catcher in the Rye is just supremely relevant. I found a few contemporary sources that predicted that it would be studied for decades because of its use of teenage language. Also, the novel continues to be banned in schools today, showing that whether educators teach it or not, teenagers are reading it.


Chapter 2 will commence soon, but tonight we sleep.

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