A Confession About My Romantic Notions

I need to level with you. All of my brain energy that is left over at the end of the week, after all my responsibilities have been met, goes towards thinking about and obsessing over romance. I don’t share that with a lot of people because it makes me sound like a fourteen-year-old girl. It’s not something I’m proud of or want to continue doing. And I want you to think more of me than that. But I’m on this kick where I am trying to be a little more honest about things so we are going to work through some things today.

I don’t know the first thing about love. I have no idea. I’ve had my share of relationships. I’ve used the l-word sometimes. But I have absolutely no clue.

A while back, I decided that love was a choice – that all of these ideas about “falling” for someone are romantic fantasies. That’s not to be mean or pessimistic. I don’t think that love is any less intense because of that. I just think it’s a choice.

I also don’t think there’s one person out there for everyone. Yes, usually you are in a committed relationship with one person at a time; that does not mean that person is the only person for you. I think we construct stories about people to deal with the horrifying reality that is “till death do us part.” It’s freakin’ scary.

I was working Interview Day for my college a couple of days ago. A mother of a prospective student asked me if my college was my first choice. I grimaced. It’s not a fair question. The answer is no. It wasn’t. I didn’t get in to my first choice. And had I gotten into my first choice, I would have gone there. I tell people that it would have been a hard decision, but I know it wouldn’t have been. I would have gone in a second to the school that rejected me. But if I was given that decision again and this time I did get into my first choice and I was told exactly what my life would look like had I picked the pathI am on now, perhaps the decision would have been harder. I like where I am now. I like what I am doing with my life. I like the people I know. And so when people ask me if this school was my first choice, I usually answer that I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Because I can’t. I love it here.

So we create a narrative in which fate brought me here or destiny picks our soul-mates. Because it’s comfortable to believe that. It’s horrifying to think that we could have made the wrong choice.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a terrifying moment where my idea of love as a choice and my idea that there wasn’t one person out there for me came crashing together. How, then, do you determine the person you spend the rest of your life with? I have annoyed many of my close friends with this question over and over again. “You just know,” they say. Or as my parents like to succinctly put it, “It’ll come when you aren’t looking for it.” I think these statements are little more than tautologies. They aren’t helpful. They don’t serve as practical advice.

But then I started thinking about these statements differently. I read something recently that compared finding a significant other to finding a career, a life-mission. I thought that was stupid at first. Finding a career is easy. You just do and work until you find something you love and then you do primarily that one thing. And when I took the time to write that thought out, I realized the comparison to romantic relationships wasn’t that stupid. Because how do you explain to someone what finding something you love looks like or feels like? You can’t. It’s impossible. It just happens.

That’s the difference, then. I have always assumed I will have a career. I assumed that I was going to college. And so when it came time to make that decision, I made it with the best options that were open to me. But sometimes, I don’t assume I am going to have a family. And I wrongly think that the best way to finding my future spouse is through a string of committed relationships. Committed relationships are good, I guess, but they’re kind of like spending your adolescent years spending time at different universities until you decide to commit to one. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You need the information from high school before you can go to college. But when it comes, you are ready to make that decision.

6 thoughts on “A Confession About My Romantic Notions

  1. I loved this; heartfelt and honest. Keep searching. Keep wondering. Keep questioning.

    I do believe that there are many loves in our lives, and those – good or bad – teach us how to love. An absent father can make a girl want a guy who is distant and “hard to get.” An uninterested mother can teach a boy to look for a girl who seems indifferent to him.

    The best advice I can give is to find who YOU are .. what is important to you, what makes your heart sing, what you’re passionate about. For when you live feeling fulfilled and charged up about your life, you will inevitably attract like-minded souls. And one of them just might be a soul mate.


  2. Hey man, I really liked this and read it because I have in the recent years begun to completely agree with you. During the teenage years with all my infatuations I thought of “falling in love” with the same framework as the rest of the “fate and destiny” minded world out there. But, I’m constantly brought back to the idea that love begins with God–He defines love for He is it. Romantic love, then, can only be ‘found’ within God as well, and given to the one whom we choose in an intimate way. There is no ‘one’ out there for you, and even my wife and I, who when getting married at 20 was convinced we were the ‘ones’ God intended for each other, must choose this love God has given us to share with each other. The problem truly is our own selfish natures, and overcoming that takes the supernatural heart-breaking of the Almighty.

    Anyways, you’ve given a mature thought on the matter given your unmarried status.



  3. I agree with a lot of what you posted here. I didn’t end up going to my first choice for college, but I also can’t imagine being anywhere else. I also feel the same way about how there isn’t just one person out there for everyone. Although, I feel like I can’t be certain of anything at this point. There’s a lot left to learn in life. Anyways, great post. Keep writing 🙂

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