I like to take time to figure out my life. I do so every once in a while. That’s part of the reason my posts were absent in the last week.

But. Taking time to figure out my life basically never results in figuring out my life.

What it actually results in is me watching insane amounts of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, eating leftover pizza, and staying up much too late.

My incessant need to figure out my life presupposes the assumption that there exists some group of people who have figured out their lives. That’s a false assumption. So every minute, every hour, every day I waste “figuring out my life,” I could be spending doing life.

I do a lot of talking. I like to think that I’m also the type of person who does a lot of doing. But I want to get better about it. I’m always thinking about how the things I’m thinking about doing relate to my career goals and my long-term visions for my life. That’s useless. I have no idea. Three years ago I thought I was going to be spending my next eight years in higher education, getting a PhD. Today, I am writing this post on break of an internship at a charter school in Columbus.

We can always change roads. It’s always an option. But while we are on the road we are on, let’s go somewhere, let’s do something, let’s leave a legacy. Or, you know, we could just sit on the side of the road, watch How I Met Your Mother and wonder what we should do with our lives.

2 thoughts on “Commit

  1. my life in a nutshell. thanks for the nudge! and Merry Christmas!

    oh, and PS. Ditch the life planning.. it usually doesn’t go the way we plan anyways, God’s got something better for us. Thankfully 🙂

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