The Magic Kit to a Better Life

My brother and I really like Criss Angel. When we do something that is confusing, silly, or annoyingly normal we like to look the other straight in the eye, put our hands up to our face, and say “Miiiiiiiiiindfreeeeeaaaaaak!” That’s why we can’t help but laugh every time we see the commercial for the Criss Angel Mindfreak Platinum Magic Kit (FOR ONLY 2 PAYMENTS OF 14.99).

If you’ve ever seen Mindfreak, then you know that some of the stuff that Angel does is really impressive. He levitates, makes elephants disappear, cuts a lot of things in half, walks on water, and stuff like that. These tricks aren’t child’s play.

But the commercial ignores all of that. And for 30 bucks, you can have a magic kit and will magically be able to do magic for anyone, including a gaggle of attractive women who are going to be so impressed by your magic that they will continually kiss you on the cheek.

The commercial makes no mention of having to learn the tricks or practice. It implies that the two payments of 14.99 are the only prerequisite for being able to do magic tricks.

As we get into the holiday season, I pray we remember that things, money, and magic kits don’t change people. Purchasing a magic kit does not make you a magician. Buying a suit does not make you a businessman. Buying a house does not make you a family. Buying a ring does not mean you are ready to commit to marriage.

People, hard work, and practice change things.

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